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Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Since we first started this journey over a year ago I've been dreaming of this day.......
Yesterday Bluebay rung to let us know our valuation was back and that they would do a swift payment that afternoon. I was so excited I immediately rung Homebuyers Centre and made a appointment for the following day.
So this morning we travelled to Docklands and picked up our keys. I was so excited I was up at 4.30am haha. We received a gift hamper from Homebuyers Centre and all our warranty information and our precious KEYS!!! Afterwards we headed straight out to Livingston with all our kids to unlock our house for the first time!
GOODBYE RENTING............. 
HELLO MY NEW HOME.............

So for the next week or so we will be living in the dark ages. Our Oven and gas hot water will be installed next Wednesday and our ducted heating will be done next Thursday.
Foxtel is being installed next Friday, and our internet/home phone wont be fully working until the 16th July.... How will I survive the 2nd week of the school holidays - this will be fun.
Our side big fence is booked in for the 22nd. We still haven't heard from our back neighbour hmmm....
 I am going to see if the land sales guy from Peet could email them for us, so hopefully we can track them down soon.
Well that's it from me!!!!!
 I might do an update further down the track once we are settled but for now our building journey has finished :) Homebuyers Centre has been brilliant and Id happily do it all again!!!!


  1. Looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. :-) Congratulations!!

  2. Hi guys, am building the same at the moment, would like to ask you a few questions, could you email me

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