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Friday, 13 June 2014

WEEK 14: Landscaping

This week we had the regional managers walk through our house to pick up any defects eg. paint touch ups.
Next week the regional managers will return, check that everything has been fixed and then sign the house off. Following this we will have our New Home Presentation. EXCITING!

At the beginning of the week our landscaping was completed. Its very basic but at least our front wont be a mud pit like the back will be, until we turf it. We will definitely change the design and the plants at a later date. Resolve required the landscaping to be included in our loan so we had no choice on this one.

Our fly screens and shower screens were also completed this week.
The house is looking great and I just want to move in already!

 We have our New Home Presentation on Friday at 9am.

I took these photos mid week, landscaping complete and driveway still needed sealing

 Here's the pics we took over the weekend

All external paintwork was finished on Saturday - we are not to sure about our door colour but its an easy fix later.

Shower screens in



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