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Friday, 27 June 2014


This week has been all about waiting!
Last week HBC was chasing up our plumbing cert so they could apply for our occupancy permit. I hadn't heard from them by this Thursday so I sent off an email to check on progress. And what do you know.... my final invoice and the permit have been sitting there since Monday. My CL is on annual leave so who ever has taken over my file must have forgot about it.
So I quickly rung Bluebay then emailed them the invoice. One hurdle down. One to go....
Now the wait is on with the bank. You think after waiting for titles, waiting for construction to start and then waiting for our home to reach completion we would be sooo patient. NOPE complete opposite. I've never been this impatient in my life haha.
So today I received my progress payment form to sign from Bluebay. I also needed to organise insurance, then return it. I thought id be cheeky and see if once the valuation was in I could do a SWIFT payment. Which costs $30 but the money will clear in 2 hrs instead of 2 days. I received an email straight back- I was so surprised, Bluebay usually takes at least 24hrs to reply. She said that the swift payment was fine the valuation is happening at the start of the week and the payment will be made by the end of next week. So things are starting to look like we will be moving next weekend!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!
lets hope everything stays on track she will ring me once valuation is back, I'll pay my $30 then its just a matter of ringing HBC and picking up our keys.  

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