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Sunday, 25 May 2014


This week the internal painting and tiling were completed.
We went out Friday evening and the tiler had laid all the floor tiles and to my surprise the ensuite tiles were the wrong colour. So after freaking out we went home and looked over our addenda and sure enough they were suppose to be ice grey and the had laid charcoal grey. We decided we would contact our SS on Monday and get them changed.
We went out again on Sunday, I was a bit scared to go in, in case the tiler had laid more wrong tiles.
To our relief the rest of the tiles were correct, and now the ensuite is finished I actually quite like the charcoal grey on the floor.
What a turn around, we will now be contacting the SS on Monday to see if we can keep them haha.

 HBC advised us in an email this week that once tiling is complete its 4-6 weeks until we get to travel to docklands to pick up the keys, now that's exciting - I better start packing!
Here's some pictures we took at our last visit

Master Bedroom 
Hallway toward front door
Lounge room 
Next week the fit off commences - this will be awesome! It includes garage door, floor coverings, sinks,toilet, bath, shower screens etc.


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