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Sunday, 18 May 2014


We went out to the Estate on Friday night eager to see what has been done this week.
Unfortunately the painter was there, we waited for 30mins then decided to try again Saturday.
So...... we went out Saturday night..... and OMG he was still there. I mean, I shouldn't be complaining our house is getting further ahead, but..... I need my photo FIX!!!!! haha
So we thought we would bet him at his own game! Instead of going in the evening we would go out Sunday morning first thing.
After a lot of wasted petrol we finally got to see the progress this week.

This week our render on the front pillars and entrance has been completed, its all ready for painting. Inside most of the painting is complete it just needs one more coat on the walls, showers in bathroom and ensuite have been waterproofed and the screed is set and our downpipes are on as well.
So next week the painter will finish followed by the tiler.


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  1. Hi! Your house looks great! I'm also building with Homebuyers Centre. I wonder if you can tell me how much did they charge you for rendering the front pillars and entrance. Hope you can tell me so that I can work out our budget. Thanks.