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Saturday, 31 May 2014

WEEK 12: Nearing the finish line

This week the fit off commenced. By Saturday the Plumbing and ducted heating fit offs were completed and the electrical is nearly complete. The house is looking great. 
We have all our light fittings and some of our light switches and power points.
Our ducted heating vent covers are on, and we have our bath/toilet/sinks in, plus towel rails and toilet roll holders. Our Garage door is on as well. 
The biggest surprise this week was that our laminate flooring is complete. This wasn't suppose to be done until next week. So there has been a lot of tradies at our place in the last few days :)

Our site fencing is down so we must be nearing the finish line.....
All that's left to complete is the rest of the electrical fit off, wardrobe doors, mirrors and shower screens in bathroom/ensuite, External painting, whirly bird, carpet to bedrooms, blinds/fly screens and driveway/front landscaping.

In regards to our wrong ensuite tiles our SS surprised us with his answer - he believes ice grey and charcoal grey are nearly the same colour, so the tiler has in fact laid the right tiles..... hmmm funny that the ice grey above the vanity and around the bath is nearly a white colour.
We are just leaving it, I really like the charcoal floor in the ensuite. If we didn't like what the tiler had done we would be definitely pushing for a different answer than that.
Here's this weeks PICS...... we were locked out so they are taken through the windows


Sunday, 25 May 2014


This week the internal painting and tiling were completed.
We went out Friday evening and the tiler had laid all the floor tiles and to my surprise the ensuite tiles were the wrong colour. So after freaking out we went home and looked over our addenda and sure enough they were suppose to be ice grey and the had laid charcoal grey. We decided we would contact our SS on Monday and get them changed.
We went out again on Sunday, I was a bit scared to go in, in case the tiler had laid more wrong tiles.
To our relief the rest of the tiles were correct, and now the ensuite is finished I actually quite like the charcoal grey on the floor.
What a turn around, we will now be contacting the SS on Monday to see if we can keep them haha.

 HBC advised us in an email this week that once tiling is complete its 4-6 weeks until we get to travel to docklands to pick up the keys, now that's exciting - I better start packing!
Here's some pictures we took at our last visit

Master Bedroom 
Hallway toward front door
Lounge room 
Next week the fit off commences - this will be awesome! It includes garage door, floor coverings, sinks,toilet, bath, shower screens etc.


Sunday, 18 May 2014


We went out to the Estate on Friday night eager to see what has been done this week.
Unfortunately the painter was there, we waited for 30mins then decided to try again Saturday.
So...... we went out Saturday night..... and OMG he was still there. I mean, I shouldn't be complaining our house is getting further ahead, but..... I need my photo FIX!!!!! haha
So we thought we would bet him at his own game! Instead of going in the evening we would go out Sunday morning first thing.
After a lot of wasted petrol we finally got to see the progress this week.

This week our render on the front pillars and entrance has been completed, its all ready for painting. Inside most of the painting is complete it just needs one more coat on the walls, showers in bathroom and ensuite have been waterproofed and the screed is set and our downpipes are on as well.
So next week the painter will finish followed by the tiler.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

WEEK 9: Fixing stage

Yay!!! We actually got in tonight, so I got to see my kitchen up close instead of looking through the windows.
This week the fixing stage has been happening. We have skirting boards, window frames, door frames, lots of doors including our front door which I love, man hole frame and all our cabinets are in as well. Outside our bricks have been cleaned and some boards have been put up ready for the render. So they have had a busy week this week.
HBC has advised that the painters are coming in next week - its getting exciting now we are getting closer to a finished house.
Now for picture overload.....






Friday, 2 May 2014


On the 1st of may we reached stage 3 out of 5.... Lock up!

 We went out to see the fully bricked house tonight, she is sooo cute haha! We are really impressed at the quality of the build so far, the speed has been terrific too.

The pillars and around the entrance will be rendered and the colour dulux MALAY GREY
 temporary door- our door has glass panels

Inside the plaster set and cornices are complete.
The biggest surprise tonight was the cabinets, they weren't suppose to be put in till Tuesday next week. YAY! Our ensuite and bathroom cabinets are finished and our kitchen benches are there waiting to be installed. Loving the colours even though we could only see through the windows. Hopefully next visit someone will forget to lock up :)
Bathroom cabinet
Kitchen cabinets waiting to be installed