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Friday, 11 April 2014


This has been the most exciting week so far!!!
Even with this horrible weather so much has been done. We went out Tuesday arvo and all our frames were up as well as our windows. The builders were just finishing the garage roof framing when we arrived. We only managed a photo from the back as so many builders were on site at the time.
Love our big window and sliding door at the back!
My husband has had this week off so we popped back out Wednesday. As it was so wet we thought no one would be on site, and we might get to have a sneaky walk through. But what a surprise, the tradies were working in the rain!
We now have our gutters/fascia, and our house has been wrapped ready for the brickies.

Amazing the progress in 3 days work!


We went out to site on Friday and OMG!!!!!
Our roof was nearly finished!
I can not believe how in 5 days it can go from a concrete slab to looking like a house.
Lets hope the weather improves though Melbourne has been drenched this week and we need some sunshine for our brickies next week.
Cant wait till the weekend for a sneaky walk through!



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