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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Final plans

Our final plans were emailed to me today. YIPPEEE.... we are so nearly there, HBC have estimated we will be handed over to construction on 12th march.
Went out to the estate in the weekend. We have brand new pegs as we had a new survey done end of the week. These are in the ground so  a lot less chance these will be bumped or moved. It was our front peg that had moved, thanks to good ole Simmonds next door. GRRRR They had put there temporary fence on where our peg was. So our SS got them to move their fence back.
We also noticed our fence had been damaged from the builders on the other side. Whats with my neighbours builders haha!!!!
I think there builder should fix the broken panel so that should all be fine.
So we should hear very soon about developers approval from PEET
Fingers crossed

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