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Thursday, 27 February 2014


Received a email today from Tarryn at HBC saying that our building permit was in, and shes handing us over to construction tomorrow! YIPPEE after all this waiting it is finally going to happen. Ive had a horrible week and this is definitely the pick me up I needed!  It has only taken 6 weeks since titles which is way better than their 8-10 week estimate. We are so so happy! Roll on construction

Tuesday, 25 February 2014



Today we also received our final pre construction variation, am so over these haha

As HBCs standard allowance for coloured concrete for your driveway is 32msq and we require 37.12msq we need to cough up $527 to cover the extra

Also they need to add a deeper support beam in our pantry to be able to hold our microwave which is $45

Money Money Money......... Could of been worse I suppose. Thank goodness my hubby worked a lot of overtime this week

On a bright note, she said she hopes to hand us over to construction between tomorrow and the latest the 5th of march. So over a week ahead of her original estimate. :) WOOHOO


Developers approval is in..... Just received an update from HBC. She is going to put in our building permit this week and when that is back we are off to construction. So exciting!!!!!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Final plans

Our final plans were emailed to me today. YIPPEEE.... we are so nearly there, HBC have estimated we will be handed over to construction on 12th march.
Went out to the estate in the weekend. We have brand new pegs as we had a new survey done end of the week. These are in the ground so  a lot less chance these will be bumped or moved. It was our front peg that had moved, thanks to good ole Simmonds next door. GRRRR They had put there temporary fence on where our peg was. So our SS got them to move their fence back.
We also noticed our fence had been damaged from the builders on the other side. Whats with my neighbours builders haha!!!!
I think there builder should fix the broken panel so that should all be fine.
So we should hear very soon about developers approval from PEET
Fingers crossed

Thursday, 13 February 2014

re-establishment survey VARIATION

And yet another variation, variation 4 to be precise haha!
Just received an email from HBC, as we are nearly at construction our site supervisor has been out to site to conduct a pre-planner. Somehow our pegs have been moved. Thank goodness with HBC you have a re-establishment survey included in your loan which is credited back if not needed. So we don't have to fork out $850. Which is a relief to me and hubby.
Lets hope our final plans are sent to us next week need some good news for a change.....