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Thursday, 17 October 2013



Well our first hurdle is here already and we are not even close to building yet. The government has changed the bush fire risk areas and we are now building on a bush fire prone area. Meaning we need to pay an extra $4523 to include bush fire provisions....
I only found out due to someone building in the same estate as me on the forum I follow. Contacted home buyers today she said she couldn't say for sure as my land hasn't titled and they don't have the report but it looks very likely on the governments website. So happy that I found out now and not after land title as we would of had no warning. I understand that it is needed, but would've been great to have this included on my loan instead of a variation. She is ringing today to discuss our options just praying it isn't to late to change the loan amount as plans will need to be changed any way. With settlement fees progress payments while paying rent I think we will be living on noodles for a while....

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