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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Were off to pre start and I have the flu :( oh doesn't that suck. Oh well it will stil be an exciting day. Dropped my kids off at 9.30 to their Grandmas and me and my hubby head to docklands. Did some shopping at DFO then headed to our appointment. OMG the first hour is spent with our prestart lady explaining the first page of out HIA contract, it then speeds up and we sign our lives away. After a quick ciggy were off to the show room. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I think the month of stalking estates and playing on Metricons envisage had paid off.

We ended up upgrading a few things
* front door to Hume Newington XN5
* added a junction box to each pillar so we can add a fancy light after hand over
*extended the splash back tiles
*changed both bathroom towel rails to 900m double for family bathroom and a 600m double for our ensuite.

Tarryn our pre start lady was fantastic she liked the same colours as me so we flew through the show room. Home buyers centre, last week upgraded there standard flooring from vinyl to laminate which was awesome news for us.
I had forgotten my camera grrr so I only have one external photo from the appointment that my hubby did on his phone. I took a few samples home so have taken pictures of them :) 

but here's a list of our main colours


render- dulux malay grey
garage door-  style - georgian - colour monument
roof- Macquarie twilight
gutter/fascia/downpipes/windows - monument
laundry door and garage back access door- dune
Front door- woodland grey
Driveway/path/porch- moonlight


splashback- gloss donkey
benchtop- pure mineralstone
cabinet- smokey sapelle
kick rail- white 200

splash back tile colour 


tiles- lifestyle charcoal and ice grey
cabinet- new graphite
benchtop-white Valencia
kick rail-white 200


tiles- lifestyle charcoal


carpet- black orbit loop 14

floating floors-spotted gum


mercury glass



NOW.... lets hope it looks good on the finished project haha!!!

Had a call today from resolve finance, the valuation should be back by Friday so fingers crossed- then its just waiting on formal finance....


Pre approval came through on the 4th July 2013. WHAT A RELIEF!!!!
It was such a long process of appointments in Cranbourne and Docklands just to get to this stage. In June 2013 we began this journey of building a home through the Home Buyers Centre -taking advantage of their $3000 deposit. We were very skeptical at first. I spent hours searching forums trying to find positive reviews. I finally found a forum on home one which has been awesome to talk to others about their experience I even found someone building in my estate! 

First we did a finance health check with resolve finance that came back with a figure we could easily afford taking into account we have three children. Off to Cranbourne we went to look over house designs and estate options. We decided on Livingston in Cranbourne east which is in close proximity to heaps of local schools, and with Casey Race across the road we had three happy kids!!

We chose lot 353 Artfield Street it is not due to title til November 2013. It cost $1500 to secure our land! Its not a huge plot if land but it will be OURS!!!!


We chose the Vogue 17 as our house deign but added a double garage instead of a single and flipped the design on itself so our house is now the other way round.

This is the original plan


Our plans

We Signed our preliminary works contract and paid the $1500 to secure the house build. Then we just waited for pre approval. If we were declined the land deposit was refundable but not the house. So I was a little worried but success we have pre approval.

Now for pre start and formal approval!!!!!!