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Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Since we first started this journey over a year ago I've been dreaming of this day.......
Yesterday Bluebay rung to let us know our valuation was back and that they would do a swift payment that afternoon. I was so excited I immediately rung Homebuyers Centre and made a appointment for the following day.
So this morning we travelled to Docklands and picked up our keys. I was so excited I was up at 4.30am haha. We received a gift hamper from Homebuyers Centre and all our warranty information and our precious KEYS!!! Afterwards we headed straight out to Livingston with all our kids to unlock our house for the first time!
GOODBYE RENTING............. 
HELLO MY NEW HOME.............

So for the next week or so we will be living in the dark ages. Our Oven and gas hot water will be installed next Wednesday and our ducted heating will be done next Thursday.
Foxtel is being installed next Friday, and our internet/home phone wont be fully working until the 16th July.... How will I survive the 2nd week of the school holidays - this will be fun.
Our side big fence is booked in for the 22nd. We still haven't heard from our back neighbour hmmm....
 I am going to see if the land sales guy from Peet could email them for us, so hopefully we can track them down soon.
Well that's it from me!!!!!
 I might do an update further down the track once we are settled but for now our building journey has finished :) Homebuyers Centre has been brilliant and Id happily do it all again!!!!

Friday, 27 June 2014


This week has been all about waiting!
Last week HBC was chasing up our plumbing cert so they could apply for our occupancy permit. I hadn't heard from them by this Thursday so I sent off an email to check on progress. And what do you know.... my final invoice and the permit have been sitting there since Monday. My CL is on annual leave so who ever has taken over my file must have forgot about it.
So I quickly rung Bluebay then emailed them the invoice. One hurdle down. One to go....
Now the wait is on with the bank. You think after waiting for titles, waiting for construction to start and then waiting for our home to reach completion we would be sooo patient. NOPE complete opposite. I've never been this impatient in my life haha.
So today I received my progress payment form to sign from Bluebay. I also needed to organise insurance, then return it. I thought id be cheeky and see if once the valuation was in I could do a SWIFT payment. Which costs $30 but the money will clear in 2 hrs instead of 2 days. I received an email straight back- I was so surprised, Bluebay usually takes at least 24hrs to reply. She said that the swift payment was fine the valuation is happening at the start of the week and the payment will be made by the end of next week. So things are starting to look like we will be moving next weekend!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!
lets hope everything stays on track she will ring me once valuation is back, I'll pay my $30 then its just a matter of ringing HBC and picking up our keys.  

Friday, 20 June 2014


Today at 9am we had our New Home Presentation.
The house is looking amazing! We are so happy with the workmanship of the build,
and we happily signed it off.
Now the wait is on for HBC to obtain an occupancy certificate and invoice us for our final payment.  Then the bank will do their valuation and pay our final account, THEN its handover time.....
Also this week we heard from our side neighbours, they are happy to go ahead the fence quote i provided. So this will be happening around the 22nd July. We just have our back fence to sort now.
I mentioned our damaged side fence at the beginning of our build. This we noticed was all fixed last week. Our neighbours builders must've fixed it.  YAY! One thing we don't have to worry about.



Friday, 13 June 2014

WEEK 14: Landscaping

This week we had the regional managers walk through our house to pick up any defects eg. paint touch ups.
Next week the regional managers will return, check that everything has been fixed and then sign the house off. Following this we will have our New Home Presentation. EXCITING!

At the beginning of the week our landscaping was completed. Its very basic but at least our front wont be a mud pit like the back will be, until we turf it. We will definitely change the design and the plants at a later date. Resolve required the landscaping to be included in our loan so we had no choice on this one.

Our fly screens and shower screens were also completed this week.
The house is looking great and I just want to move in already!

 We have our New Home Presentation on Friday at 9am.

I took these photos mid week, landscaping complete and driveway still needed sealing

 Here's the pics we took over the weekend

All external paintwork was finished on Saturday - we are not to sure about our door colour but its an easy fix later.

Shower screens in



Saturday, 7 June 2014

WEEK 13: Driveway in

What an awesome visit to our house today.
 We were greeted by a brand new driveway!

Our external painting has commenced as well. Love the Malay Grey colour on the pillars.

Junction Boxes - We will be adding an up/down style light to each pillar after handover
To make our visit even better we managed to get in - which is a first in a while. :)
Our blinds have been installed. Really glad we chose Dune for the colour, works great with our Donkey grey tiled splashback.

My lil man enjoyed running round the house....
They also completed our electrical fit off, laid the carpet in the bedrooms, hung the mirrors in bathroom and ensuite and fitted the wardrobe doors this week
Heres some more pictures from today visit
 Bathroom with mirror installed

We are very happy with the progress this week.
Next week our landscaping to the front yard is booked in.
Left to complete is shower screens, whirlybird, landscaping, flyscreen to windows and the rest of the external painting.
I can imagine living there now, it is getting very close!

Saturday, 31 May 2014

WEEK 12: Nearing the finish line

This week the fit off commenced. By Saturday the Plumbing and ducted heating fit offs were completed and the electrical is nearly complete. The house is looking great. 
We have all our light fittings and some of our light switches and power points.
Our ducted heating vent covers are on, and we have our bath/toilet/sinks in, plus towel rails and toilet roll holders. Our Garage door is on as well. 
The biggest surprise this week was that our laminate flooring is complete. This wasn't suppose to be done until next week. So there has been a lot of tradies at our place in the last few days :)

Our site fencing is down so we must be nearing the finish line.....
All that's left to complete is the rest of the electrical fit off, wardrobe doors, mirrors and shower screens in bathroom/ensuite, External painting, whirly bird, carpet to bedrooms, blinds/fly screens and driveway/front landscaping.

In regards to our wrong ensuite tiles our SS surprised us with his answer - he believes ice grey and charcoal grey are nearly the same colour, so the tiler has in fact laid the right tiles..... hmmm funny that the ice grey above the vanity and around the bath is nearly a white colour.
We are just leaving it, I really like the charcoal floor in the ensuite. If we didn't like what the tiler had done we would be definitely pushing for a different answer than that.
Here's this weeks PICS...... we were locked out so they are taken through the windows


Sunday, 25 May 2014


This week the internal painting and tiling were completed.
We went out Friday evening and the tiler had laid all the floor tiles and to my surprise the ensuite tiles were the wrong colour. So after freaking out we went home and looked over our addenda and sure enough they were suppose to be ice grey and the had laid charcoal grey. We decided we would contact our SS on Monday and get them changed.
We went out again on Sunday, I was a bit scared to go in, in case the tiler had laid more wrong tiles.
To our relief the rest of the tiles were correct, and now the ensuite is finished I actually quite like the charcoal grey on the floor.
What a turn around, we will now be contacting the SS on Monday to see if we can keep them haha.

 HBC advised us in an email this week that once tiling is complete its 4-6 weeks until we get to travel to docklands to pick up the keys, now that's exciting - I better start packing!
Here's some pictures we took at our last visit

Master Bedroom 
Hallway toward front door
Lounge room 
Next week the fit off commences - this will be awesome! It includes garage door, floor coverings, sinks,toilet, bath, shower screens etc.